Rahul Siddharth

Brand Consultant / Creative Director / Comic


"Five Stars!"
- Rita Bhattacharya, DesiClub.com

“Very Clever, terrific energy, and great attitude.
A definite riot!”


"Don't miss Rahul hosting the Indian Comedy Fest!"
- Time Out New York

"A great host but he's so much funnier and creative that the acts he warms up the audience for."
- Anirudh Bhattacharyya, Mantram Magazine

"Standout of the evening. The funniest. Keep an eye on this guy!" 
- Jeffrey L. Gurian, 15minutesmagazine.com

"Funny, Bright, and Comically Colorful!" 
- Marsha Plitteris, in-nyc.com

"A Pleasant surprise ... A very funny many!" 
- Applause! Applause!

"I laughed, snorted, and even squeaked!"
- Nina Kukar, News India Desi-Talk



Rahul is available for private parties, weddings, anniversaries, college, universities, and corporate events.

Smart, Sophisticated, and Funny!”
- N.Sunesra, Houston, Texas

“Hilarious..a huge hit for a 50th birthday party. Wasn’t afraid to push the envelope (though not too far). Interacts with the audience..Had the uncles and aunties laughing out loud! Afterwards, he received numerous back slaps from the uncles and eyelash bats from the aunties. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him making the Sri Lankan party circuit thanks to that one performance.”
– A.Mandar, New Jersey

“Rahul was perfect for my parents 40th Anniversary Party. He was smart, clean and very funny. Highly Recommended.”
- M.Ali, New York


A side-splitting performance at our baby shower! Rahul had us and our guests rolling. There was never a dull moment. He catered to the crowd (young & old) and made an effort to personalize his work for the event. Our baby shower will be talked about for weeks to come because of Rahul. Aside from being a remarkable performer, he was an absolute pleasure to work with, very professional and courteous! His performance was so well received that some of our guests immediately inquired on his availability for upcoming events. THANK YOU Rahul for making our event a memorable one!
- Sachin & Pareen Mehta, New Jersey

“Edgy and a great host.”
- M.Mehotra, New Jersey

“Rahul was very appropriate for our daughter’s medical school graduation party. In presence of family, friends and school faculty his performance was humorous, entertaining and received good reviews from many people after the party.”
- A.Shaw, Chicago

“Rahul was very entertaining..really good, and kept us all laughing all night long!” -
- M. Khan, Long Island